British Columbia, Canada

Canada is the home of heliskiing where more than 90% of the worlds heliskiing takes place. There are over 20 heliski and 30 catski companies as well as great variety of programs and large territory for skiing. the programs range from one day activities to luxurious weekly tours.

Alaska, USA

Alaska is a very simple place for heliskiing. Alaska borders British Columbia in the north-west of the continent. Alaska has unstable weather and quite steep slopes which might affect your skiing. That's why seven-day tours are usually designed only for 3-4 days skiing.


Iceland is one of the newest and one of the most interesting areas for helisking. The skiing takes place in the northern part on a peninsula called Troll. The season here is shifted towards the summer so you can ride even in June.There's not a lot of programs, but in addition with other activities, Iceland makes a great choice.


Heliskiing in Greenland is like flying to the moon. That's how the riders that were here before describe it. Do not wait for comfort here, but you can count on the choice of activities, including hunting  birds, whale  and other marine life watching ,and of course a variety of skiing programs. The skiing season here only lasts one month.


You could heliski in several places in Russian. The first is of course Kamchatka , which is known for its beautiful landscape and a  party atmosphere . After the 2014 Olympics Krasnaya Polyana reopened for heliskiing. In addition you can ski in Arkhyz and Ossetia where you will feel the magnitude of the mountains.

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This country has plenty of snow even if it doesn't seem so. Here mountains can reach up 4 km high. There's are a pretty big variety of programs; luxury, warm lodges and delicious food prepared by professional chefs.

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