How it works

Last Frontier Heliskiing

We are a licensed Canadian tour agency, specializing in the organization of heliski tours all over the world. Most of our clients speak Russian, but we are expanding our business to bringing non-Russian speakers to tours in Russia. We plan and organize tours to every country, starting with single-day heli-skiing in New Zealand to exclusive private tours in British Columbia.

How it Works

Step one

It all begins with the first phone call or an email. Ask us your first question, regardless of what you already know about heli-skiing. If this is your first trip, we will tell you all the important details about booking your trip, and will find a few programs that will suit your wants. If you already know “what’s up”, then we will talk about what you want to get out of this experience, and will make sure to provide you with the best deal. If you want to organize a group trip, we will work together to find the best option for your group. We understand that making a decision can be challenging, so we make sure to patiently answer every question you might have, without pressuring for a final decision.

The decision is made

Perfect! We will make sure to reserve your spot for the tour in the heliski company at this stage, before you even place your prepayment. Then, we will send you all the required paperwork, translated to English, of course. To completely book the tour, you will then pay the deposit directly to the chosen heliski company.

Getting ready for the trip

The next step is to make sure you have everything ready for the trip, including visas, insurances, booking your flights and hotels, taking care of all the transfers, organizing tours before and after heli-skiing, and many more. During this process we will solve thousands of little problems or questions that come up, and make sure that nothing is left unnoticed. Throughout this process, we will be keeping in touch with the heli-ski company, to make sure that everything works perfectly at the time of your trip.

And finally!

Your trip has begun. You will be greeted at the airport by one of our partners, and taken to your hotel. We will be keeping in-touch throughout your whole trip, to make sure that you are completely satisfied with everything.

End of your trip.

You are already home, but our job isn’t over yet as we try to conclude the trip. At this point we will try to solve any compensation questions, if for some reason you skied less than you were guaranteed in the program, help complete the insurance paperwork (things happen sometimes, unfortunately), take care of any items forgotten in the hotels, and coordinate with the photographers that worked with you.

At this stage we also start talking about the next trip, since early booking lets you choose from a greater variety of dates, and allows to get some great deals!

How much do you pay?

OUR SERVICES ARE FREE FOR YOU. We receive commission directly from the heliski companies. This is beneficial for everyone, since we do a great deal of the organization of the tours, allowing the heliski companies to focus on the more important elements of your trip and providing safety. For you, it means that you pay directly to the heliski company, receiving a full service in English for free. Our clients also often receive great deals, since we know all the special offers of the companies at the time.